Neighbourhood Doulas

Supporting pregnant women & birthing people who find themselves without a birth partner and experiencing hardship.

Neighbourhoods Doulas provides a free Doula service across London. We welcome referrals from healthcare professionals and organisations.


We continue to be committed to supporting new parents in our care during the crisis. We can provide phone or in person support depending on preference and local safety guidelines.

Mission Statement

All women and birthing people who are about to give birth have a right to feel safe, secure and supported. We believe that no one should be facing birth alone whilst homeless, destitute, isolated, fearful, or hurting. We would like to welcome each baby warmly into this world and make sure new parents have the support they need from pregnancy through to the postnatal period.

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Doula Services

A Doula is a birth companion trained in childbirth. they provide emotional, physical, and informational/educational support to a mother/birthing person who is pregnant, is experiencing labour, or has recently given birth.

We at Neighbourhood Doulas believe that every person should go through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood with the care and encouragement of another person. We provide practical and emotional support to women and birthing people before, during and after their baby’s birth.
Neighbourhood Doulas are here to ensure that every new parent will have the support they need to have a positive birth experience, to give them and their baby the best possible start in this new chapter of their lives.

We provide support to mothers/pregnant people who find themselves without a birth partner and are unable to afford a doula privately.

Neighbourhood Doulas is a free service providing support through pregnancy, birth preparation, labour and the postnatal period. We work across London.

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“Being a first time mum with no one to help the doula was a great support and boost to my confidence to carry on having my baby. Knowing fully well that the doula is by my side, I felt elated, confident and loved. The support I received from the doula during the birth and after was inestimable, and the good memory will forever linger in my heart.”


“Both of my doulas gave me confidence and the support was amazing. I felt so lonely before they came along and they made it better. The tips on breastfeeding was amazing as well, another doula came to visit me twice after the birth to teach me the best positions, etc.”


“Having a Doula with me in the labour ward made birthing process easier, encouraging me what to do as a new mum and assisting with my shopping during each home visit, and gifting my baby with lots of baby items, supported me in every areas I needed help as a new mum, the support was magnificent. Thanks to Neighbourhood Doulas.”


“Thank you for the support I received during my pregnancy and after birth. It was great having you doulas around me when I have no one to be there for me. Thanks.”


“You have a very kind. Friendly & helpful team. Karolina, Bianca & Selam supported me I felt like I have my mother with me. Thank you so much.”


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