Our Team

We currently have a growing team of Doulas, some work as volunteers, some get reimbursed for their time, depending on their circumstances.

If you are a trained doula with sensitivity to social issues and would like to join us, please fill out our online application.

Once you have completed our recruitment procedures we offer suitable Doula work in a supportive team, training, reimbursement of expenses and more.

Welcome and thank you for working with us. Here you will find the necessary documents and files.


Volunteer Application
Doula care report
Mothers online feedback form
HCP’S feedback form

Expense form ND(1)
COVID ND guidelines Januray 2021




Safeguarding training (1)
Thu, 27 Feb


27 Feb 2020, 11:54 GMT – 30 Apr 2021, 15:54 BST

On-line training, please complete until the end of January 2020 and send us your Certificate, when you do. To register: please go to https://www.lambethsaferchildren.org.uk/training-programme and Register fro the Online Level 1 Safeguarding Training.

Our Offerings

 We offer suitable Doulas work in a supportive team, training, reimbursement of expenses and more.
Our Mission

Mission statement
We wish that women and birthing people who are about to give birth feel comfortable, secure and have their needs met.
Witnessing the conditions and circumstances some new parents face and knowing that we are actively participating in changes makes our work worthwhile.
We believe that no person should be facing birth alone, homeless, destitute, isolated, fearful, hurting.
We would like to welcome each baby warmly into this world.

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Our Team of Volunteers

We currently have a team of volunteer and paid Doulas working with us across London.